Ayee let’s see if I can do this… No I AM NOT GIVING AWAY SYCAMORE. Thank you for 2000+ followers! I thought it was about time I got to this…
First place: A waist up art request AND letter sized 1 prints. May it be of the thing you request or something from my finished pieces is up to you!
Second place: Either a bust up art request OR letter sized 1 print.
So something like this for a request:

Something like this if you want prints:

Preferred if you followed me! If you want my art, I’m assuming you like it?? Although this is a thank you for my art blog, you have the option of following any of my artsie/personal blogs: sangcoon, meulynn, ask-ymir, feeniekin
Until Nov 20 so about a month! Hopefully that would mean you can receive things before xmas? ;A; No guarantee!
One reblog + one like!
You can request anything you like as long as it is not explicit or weird etc :S You can hypothetically request anything to be printed as well… ie my dumb comics or doodles etc but they might not be letter sized!
Please have your ask box open! If you do not reply in 48 hours, I will pick someone else! 
Please be willing to give me addresses if you want the prints?
I hope that’s everything…